Every prompt, pronouncement, poem… tale, talk, talkie or basically anything in this world is somehow incapable to tell us humans how much magic this life beholds.

We have driven ourselves into this abyss of materialism, neglecting the fascinating magic that the universe shows us at every millisecond of our lives. I would like you to take a pause from the sorrows and strains that is caused by the rapacious contest of success and behold.

Behold the whole universe and the magic that the creator has manifested. Behold the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Mountains and the Rivers. Behold the Trees, the Animals, the Birds, the Butterflies and the Fireflies. Behold your body and your soul, your mind and your thoughts, your heart and your intensions, your eyes and your vision, your ears and your inner voice. Just behold the creator’s creation and believe with the truest intentions that the creator will never let you fall.

We have been graced by the supreme being in so many ways that no matter how many times we acknowledge or cherish those blessings, it is just not enough. Here’s a sneak peak to the blessings that we usually do not appreciate and invest most of our energy in complaining.

This little child is trying to wake up his dead mother. Value Life!
A Child fighting from Cancer. Health is a blessing. Appreciate it!
This picture depicts the state of depression. Admire healthy mind!
A little child, asking for money. Respect financial stability!
This picture shows extreme poverty and hunger. Praise the food!
Homeless Man, living on street. Revere your home!

Sometimes, our acquisitive lives and social pressure impel us to believe that if we are behindhand in attaining or acquiring success(money-making shall be the sincere meaning of success in today’s world), we fail. We make ourselves so busy in building worldly assets so that we are not left behind, in the race of success. We forget to appreciate what invaluable gifts god has bestowed upon us. One day, we all will die, maybe even without beholding the gift of god.

There’s so much magic, yet to see. There’s so much misery, yet to appreciate the blessings.



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Samriddhi Arjeria

Samriddhi Arjeria

Lawyer who writes about Law, Growth & Mindfulness.